Less Effort is a small clothing label that I created with a close friend in late 2012. The brand is aimed at people into BMX, skateboarding, hip hop music and graffiti cultures and generally supports and encourages creativity.

The core of Less Effort is smart, affordable streetwear clothing. The artwork is created in house, and is promoted via Facebook, competitions, Tumblr and heavy use of Instagram. We also work with people we have met online, friends and through various activities internationally.


I created the online store using WordPress and the Woo commerce plugin. The design is minimalistic and is fully responsive. This is especially important when gaining followers through social media, as most users will be on a mobile.


I am currently creating a brand playground, similar to what developers create and host experiments, ideas etc. However I will be creating something for the Less Effort brand. I have ideas/concepts for an asset library, style guide LE.TV to scrape all our videos into one site, a photo competition upload and vote app, and our own internal stock taking app built with Angular and node.js, currently under construction.

The site I am showcasing is Less Effort 1.0 I am currently rebuilding the site using Kirby CMS and Cartkit.